Back in 2013, I, knowing what it is like to not have enough money for basic necessities; wanted to create a resource for helping people put food on the table. But, not just food you can get at your local food pantry. Food you can only get at a restaurant. So we are partnering with local restaurants to bring you great quality food where you don't have to spend money, shop, or prepare for your family. We want to ease the financial burden you may be going through and provide some hope for your future.

As a 501c3, our focus is to provide opportunities, goods, and finances for anyone going through a financial crisis and more specifically: the single parent, foster kids, and the homeless. We believe these three demographics are closely tied together. When finances become unmanageable a parent may not be able to provide housing, food, clothes, and other life necessities; which may result in becoming homeless and the children being put into foster care. We would like to alleviate the burden in a growing need of resources for the parent struggling to pay monthly bills. We are developing creative ways to accomplish this mission.

We are a new non-profit and seeking more people and companies to partner in this undertaking. Would you consider donating goods, services, and/or money so we can help more families stay in their home?

Thank you for your consideration,

Neil Castro, Executive Director
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